About Us

GAUGE MACHINE is focused on customer lifestyle with an underlying sense of class, by bringing a youthful, decadent taste in bag making. Our products are driven by instinct. Offering functional, efficient, and long lasting products, best in the segment.

HUMBLE BEGINNING: It all started in 2014 with a laptop bag that was designed, handmade with an idea to make life easy. High on aesthetic and functionality, which was a rare combination, at that point of time. Brand stood for high craftsmanship expressed through unique playfulness, and it worked, since then we have been growing a healthy, strong and long lasting brand organically, most of the marketing is word of mouth. Innovation remains at the forefront, while a light hearted, fun and dynamic energy is moving through. We offer product with a personality, that we give time to develop into something aspirational, and a conversation starter.

WHY THE NAME : Inspired by a tool used to measure thickness and other dimensional information. As a brand we are high on precision. We are obsessed with perfection. For past few years, we are evolving ourselves, around this sole parameter of being perfectionist, in getting the resilient Gauge Machine signature line, which lasts for a lifetime or more.